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Poems From Pinchbeck


A new collection of poems written by Rhumour is currently being prepared for publication.

The wide range of themes ensures something for most tastes, with his crisp insights into life and world issues too.


Those hoping to obtain a signed copy of the new poetry book will be able to order those directly from this site in due course - watch out for news being posted here.





Winner of numerous on line awards for his poems, Rhumour has for some years consistently amazed his readers with his insight into many world issues, in addition to his other popular themes, including romantic, observational and humorous poems.





Read Rhumour's blog at http://davesblog.rhumour.co.uk/#home


Featuring some of his poems and articles on climate change and other environmental issues that are important to all our futures.







The Man Behind The Pen


Years of technical writing aside, the author has enjoyed over 40 years of penning poetry, but has never been more prolific than in the last few years, nor had more positive reviews. 


Born in Sheffield, he has resided in the Lincolnshire Fens since the late 90's and many of his poems were inspired by the scenery while living in the rural area of Pinchbeck, as well as events and observations on the world in general.


A long time member of Mensa, Rhumour brings his sharp mind to bear on world issues that are destined to affect not only our generations today, but the future for those generations to come.


One of his deep interests has been in the climate change debate - see his on line magazine for articles and links to many authoritive resources.


Another collection of his poems is simply called Rhumour Has It, Poems Of Rhyme & Reason





RHUMOUR HAS IT - available via this link, or via most booksellers if you order using the ISBN numbers below



      ISBN: Softcover 978-1-4535-9660-9
                     Ebook 978-1-4535-9661-6 (ePub)


Also see Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rhumour-Has/dp/1453596607/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1289930396&sr=1-1


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